The one thing we can never get enough of is love. And the one thing we never give enough of is love.

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It will happen when you least expect it

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!

This year, just like my previous years, I don’t celebrate it with any special boy. It’s not like I celebrate it with anyone, lmao. I can’t understand why I can’t have at least one special boy until now. I mean, I’m almost 18, and I’ve been single since ever! I’ve never been in a relationship before and the lonely feeling almost kills me >< I’m not that ugly, I have my own personal charm. I think I’m good enough for at least one boy to fall for me. Well, I had one, tho. But he’s not my type so when he confessed to me I ignored him.

I fall in love. Way too many, probably. And I’m afraid it’s not healthy for my lonely soul lol. There’s this one guy at my course and I’ve laid my eyes on him ever since I got there on my first day. He’s very smart, very funny, and very interesting. I always love smart guys and especially those who keep up with the latest news going around the world. This guy amazes me with his knowledge and I admit it I fall for him a little too much everytime we meet. I only see him twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. That’s my course schedule and honestly he’s the reason why I’m so eager to go to the course, unlike me years ago because I hate courses. It corrupts my free time and when I get home the sun has already set and night has come. I get tired and all. But finding this guy has given me something to hold on to every Tuesday and Friday.

The problem is, he’s a Christian, and I’m not. I think there must be some spark between us and I know he can feel it too because it’s very thick and everyone around us can obviously see it! Lots of teachers and my friends at the course have told me how me and him match each other. Sometimes we would spend the first 30 minutes being alone in the classroom—just by the two of us and the teacher. There are days we wear the same colour shirt (just like today, we were the only one who wore black shirt) and people who recognize it well will start calling us couple and all. And lately he’s been eating with me when we have our break time. He wasn’t used to be like this. He would eat with his friends, but now he stays in the class and eat his food with me. We discuss a lot of things and laugh at each other, enjoying each other’s company. Oh God, it’s as if we’re a couple already.

I’m trying my best to give him the signs that I like him. I don’t know if he notice it or not. But I’m like the only girl he can talk to (aside from the girl from his school and my friend, he doesn’t talk to any girls). He shares his foods, water, everything! He would look at me everytime he makes a joke and see if I laugh it off or not. I’m just, urgh, confused!

I don’t know about his feelings for me. I don’t know how to make sure about that. I can’t find the right way to make him say it, duh.


Super Junior x Flappy Bird crossover a.k.a Flappy Junior

So I believe this Flappy Bird game has been all around the world. I personally can’t find a reason to bring myself to it otl. This Flappy Junior would be the death of me tho

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It’s a matter of preferences

So as the time goes by, I think all of you have already known that I have changed. A lot. A change especially in my music taste. Well, I still listen to pop songs, of course. The “change” here I mean, I’m a K-poper now. Yep, a status which I thought I will never have months ago. But now I’m proudly displaying that status everywhere. Because what’s the shame of being a K-poper? K-pop has a lot of music variants and they come up with a whole new level in music industry. Sure the legendary “Hallyu wave” came all of a sudden and some people see K-pop as a temporary trend. Well, for some other people, it’s not. K-pop is a music. And music is meant to be eternal.

I’m a fan of EXO—a hardcore one. And I gotta admit it that K-pop (or should I say EXO), has been taking my whole attention from my old love, One Direction. It’s not that I have left the lads forever, I still seek for their latest updates and songs, news, anything. But it’s much lesser than I did when I haven’t met EXO. I myself don’t know what makes me being so fond and interested in EXO this much. They’re a boyband consists of 12 members and a mix of Chinese and Korean. It’s probably their faces, or ther attititudes. But one thing for sure, I like EXO because of their music. Their music is really my type. It’s not hard for me to fall in love with their songs. And I definitely don’t care even if EXO comes from Russia or Greenland, their songs are the main reason why I’m still attached to this boyband.

The problem comes when a friend of mine barges in.

She’s a Directioner—but still a hella new compared to me who has been there since the X-Factor days. Should I say she’s my chairmate and a stubborn hater of the whole K-pop industry. She always whines whenever I start watching videos of EXO (either watching their performances, variety shows, interviews etc) at class and she’ll mock me for liking such music. Most of the time I’ll stay quiet because really, her comments don’t worth my time. I mean, haters are gonna hate, right? But then everyday the comments get worst and worst. I’m tired of listening to her comments. I never insist her to like anyone in the K-pop industry. It’s not like I’m shoving those flawless boys to her everyday! I just want her to respect me and give me my own space to enjoy what I love. She’ll be really happy when we talk about the lads, but then get grumpy when I start fangirling over EXO again. I’m tired of explaining to her that I don’t need her approve to enjoy K-pop. Like hell, I don’t need approves from anyone to have a cup of K-pop, do I? She said that I’ve changed and I chose EXO over 1D anytime. Hello? I never chose either one of them. What’s the point of choosing to be biased over only ONE boyband in this life? I can freely choose both 1D and EXO at the same time! What’s wrong with loving 2 totally different bands at once? Gosh I don’t undertand her anymore.

The reason why I’m writing this is, to give you all example to those non-K-popers out there. No we never want to get you all into the industry—if I want to be harsh, truth be honest we don’t need you to be in the industry. K-pop is special and reserved only for those who understand, to those who would give them a chance to show them their music. If you say that K-pop is a trend, well isn’t Western music a trend too? You say that you love a band/singer because of their songs, but then you refuse to give K-pop a time to shine. Then don’t ever dare yourself to call yourself music-lover. Because really, music is there to unite us, no matter what language they use. Because music knows no language.

used to be K-pop hater


alright, so i wanted to do one of those song challenges, but i couldn’t find one i liked, so i spliced together about five of them to get this:

the 60 day song challenge:

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Whoa, this seems interesting :O Gonna do it once I have the time to! ><

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